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Free kits to help heroin addicts in Kentucky

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Hospitals across Kentucky are getting a free kit to help heroin addicts.

On Monday, Governor Steve Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway announced a pilot program that will provide Naloxone kits.

Naloxone, or Narcan, is known to immediately reverse the effects of a heroin overdose by physiologically blocking the effects of opiates.

Conway says he hopes the pilot program will help make the drug more accessible.

"We are also hopeful that the FDA will soon approve Naloxone or Narcan as a nasal mist...Medicaid will cover that particular prescription," said Conway.

Conway is also calling for an anti-heroin bill with tougher penalties for large-scale traffickers and more treatment options.

The University of Louisville Hospital, the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington, and the St. Elizabeth Hospital system in Northern Kentucky will receive the kits.

The state hopes to expand the program to 17 more Kentucky hospitals or hospital systems in the future.

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