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The healing power of art

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Hospitals can be a little intimidating, especially if you are the patient.

That is why the team behind the new Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute in Carterville is filling their facility with local artwork that is inspired by nature.

A piece hanging in a small sitting room is called 'Marshland'.

"I like the way the dye just pops on it," said artist Karen Linduska.

Linduska's quilted-art hangs perfectly in this serene, soothing place.

She knows how shattering cancer can be.

"I just lost my dad a few months ago to cancer, so I know it's such a devastating disease," said Linduska.

She understands what a little peace can mean to a person battling the fight of their life.

Jan Thomas and Cameron Smith worked to bring the vibrancy of Southern Illinois indoors for patients to enjoy with their blown glass pieces called 'The Shawnee Garden.'

"It's hopeful and bright colored, and people are going to come in her with some pretty heavy loads in their hearts, so maybe it will lift it up a little bit," said Thomas.

Cancer Institute Director Jennifer Badiu says the healing power of art is proven.

Doctors say surrounding patients by beautiful things can have positive affects on both their mental and physical state.

"They also have less stress, and that can really weigh on your system, sometimes that can be a trigger to other issues that may create problems throughout your treatment," said Badiu.

These pieces are inspired by nature, and will represent home for those who will soon fight inside these walls.

"I hope that this piece helps to give them tranquility," said Linduska.

The Cancer Institute is scheduled to open its doors to patients on March 1st.

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