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Remembering Noble Park Funland

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You don't have to travel far in western Kentucky to find someone who remembers Noble Park Funland.

From a haunted house and merry-go-round, to train rides and a water slide. For those who visited the attraction at Paducah's Noble Park before it closed, the memories are easy to recall.

That includes the members of the family who owned and operated it for years.

"There were 21 rides and a water slide, we had all the basic kiddie rides, you know, the boats were some of the favorite ones though, wet boat rides," said Gary Watkins.

Watkins is the son of the former Noble Park Funland owner. He says his dad knew a good thing when he saw a man operating a few rides there in the 1950s and charging people money.

"So he decided to purchase the rides and then add some to it and that was in 1953 and it continued until 1988 until we closed it," said Watkins.

Watkins worked long hours over the years but says it was worth it to create lasting memories.

"It's as much fun as you can have and work at the same time. We worked hard, but we played just as hard," said Watkins.

A statement Gary's sister Gayla Rottgering agrees with.

"We had so much fun, it was just a barrel of fun to work there," said Rottgering.

Decades of memories, still going strong, even decades after Funland closed for good.

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