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Emergency workers review response to Lyon County plane crash

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LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Workers from 13 agencies spent almost two hours looking for the plane - among them was one of the first on scene Friday, January 2, Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White.  He spoke to the only survivor, 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler.

"If she survived there would be other survivors, and that just wasn't the case," White said when he first arrived on scene.

Thursday night, the emergency teams who were involved in the ground search talked about the overall mission to find the plane and Gutzler's four family members.  He said while coordinating the search seemed to go smoothly, there were some things that could be fixed.

"They may not be overt to the public, but it may be something behind the scenes - we as leaders of our respected agencies would like to tweak," Lt. White told Local 6.

Better communication was among them.  Lt. White said having the first responders on the same page could enhance searching techniques, including making sure radios are working and on the same frequency.  "Make sure those are all labeled the same and each agency radioed so they can be referenced in time of an emergency," he said.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White said his county trains for these type of situations every month, but hearing from different agencies could benefit everyone.  "Overall, I think our response was better than expected for a small county and I credit these volunteers that we've got," White said.

White applauded the effort of those volunteers and said one of the other takeaways is listening to who's in charge and working together for a common goal.
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