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Celebrate national hobby month

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PADUCAH - With every new year, we think of resolutions to become better versions of ourselves.  This year, instead of making a difficult resolution, why not celebrate national hobby month!  If you are unsure how to pick a new hobby, ask yourself "What do I like to do?"

Make a list of activities or interests you currently have.  For example, if you like jewelry, look into glass blowing.  Also, do your research. There are great websites such as Pinterest and YouTube that offer easy tutorials.  You can also talk with your friends and family.  Showing interest in a new hobby that your friends and family enjoy is a great way to grow your relationships. You can also take classes.  At the Paducah School of Art and Design, students are expanding their horizons with creativity and new interests.

Cody Arnall turned his hobby into a career.

"It's a choice I made to dedicate my time to try to get what's in my brain out into the world," said Arnall.

January is national hobby month.  Arnall said it is a good time to reflect and think about what you enjoy doing and the meaning those interests bring to your life.

"For me, it's putting something into the world that hasn't previously existed. I think that's the most amazing thing to me and that's what I'm attracted to and that's what I try to tell my students to strive for," said Arnall.

Arnall said hobbies have far-reaching benefits - reducing stress and providing opportunities to gain knowledge.

"If you don't find something you're passionate about or something you're motivated about, what's the point," said Arnall.

Arnall said it is important to find a hobby that is just right for you.

"There is no place I'd rather be, this is perfect for me," said Arnall.

Hobbies that inspire you and expand your mind.  Physically oriented hobbies like walking, hiking and other forms of exercise can have great health benefits too.  You could also join a book club or reconnect with your childhood and work on a creative scrapbook.
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