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Graves County Library undergoing renovations

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GRAVES COUNTY, KY - Bringing the Graves County Library into the future. The library is undergoing a one million dollar renovation to restore carpet, build new rooms, and bring in the latest technology.

While that's happening they've set up temporary shop across town.

The Graves County Library is generally considered a quiet place to read, study, and research. But with new construction renovations just beginning for weeks, the library is anything but a quiet place.

Library Director Deana Gschwind says the library board has been saving for 5 years for the renovation, but the entire library had to be temporarily moved to a new location.

The library's new location is at the Goody's on Paris Road in Mayfield. Gschwind says although not ideal, the location will serve the temporary library well. The library had the option to close off sections to do the renovations, but instead made the decision to leave the resources available to the community by relocating.

Gschwind and her team along with library moving experts began relocating all the books the beginning of this week, and knows how important it is to continue with business as normal, "It's very important because we are the only access that some people have to resources that some people take for granted sometimes."

Impassioned readers like Vi Kibler know lacking a resource hub for weeks in Graves County will be an adjustment, "Its amazing how many people stopped in because they didn't know it was going to be closed for a couple weeks."

But after weeks of hard work transporting more than 70,000 volumes,Gschwind hopes the new and updated library will better serve her community.

The Graves County Library will take this next week to complete the transition into the temporary location on Paris Road in Mayfield. They'll open at the temporary location February 2nd. And even better, you won't have to worry about any late fees.
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