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Sprucing up Anna

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People in Anna, Illinois are frustrated by dilapidated and abandoned buildings and homes in the area.

After a lot of complaints, the city of Anna is preparing to start ticketing people who are not maintaining their property.

On one rundown lot there is trash, rust, and exposed nails.

About 20 years ago it was a gas station, but Anna Code Enforcer Chris Jones says it has sat abandoned since then.

"You can see this property is in deplorable condition," said Jones.

The property is owned by the Railroad and Jones says he has contacted them asking them to handle the problem.

He says the old building is an eyesore that is running people out.

"Could potentially affect the sale price of the home and that's one of the things the city of Anna is concerned about," said Jones.

City Administrator Steve Guined encourages people to clean up their properties before they are at a point where they need to be condemned.

"It's pricey, it takes a long time and the eyesore stays in the community much longer," said Guined.

But some buildings are just too far gone to salvage.

Jones says there are plenty of things that could be done with this space.

"A new business, an empty lot," said Jones.

He says anything will be better for the community than leaving the property as is.

The city of Anna is having a meeting next week to talk about tightening up codes and to decide which properties are in violation.

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