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New test shows half of Kentucky kindergarten students ready for school

KY lawmakers working to improve kindergarten students' success

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PADUCAH, KY - Kentucky legislators are developing a new quality-based rating system for all licensed early childcare programs. Governor Steve Beshear announced this week that only half of incoming kindergarten students are ready for school.

This is the second year, Kentucky's Common Kindergarten Entry Screen called the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Kindergarten Screen, has been given to all incoming students. Tests are administered no earlier than fifteen days prior to the start of the current academic year and no later than the thirtieth instructional day of the academic year.

In McCracken county, about 55% of students passed. Teacher Jacquelyn Gaines at Paducah Day Nursery said the test helps guide lesson plans and close learning gaps.

"It shows us where the children need to be and it lets the next person know where they are," Gaines said.

The test includes things like knowing their name and age, reciting the alphabet, and counting to thirty.

Child care programs have the highest readiness percentage at close to 70%. In state-funded preschools 47.4% of students passed, 44.5% passed in Head Start programs, and 37.9% passed in homeschool programs.

To find out how your student's county adds up click here to view the early childhood data profile in your area.

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