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Illegal dumping becoming a growing problem

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL - Just down the road from Chris Gualdoni's Williamson County, Illinois home, a fresh set of tires tracks leads to a make-shift landfill. Gualdoni said he's been putting up with the trash for the last 20 years.

"The citizens just feel like they can throw out anything," he said.

Like his aggravation, the junk that's dumped continues to pile up. About a dozen broken TV's were tossed in the ditch.

The illegal dumping got so bad, Williamson County sheriff's deputies installed motion-sensor cameras to catch the culprits. County Commissioner Brent Gentry said several people have been caught on the cameras and prosecuted.

The dumping is also taking place in Graves County. Deputy Sheriff Jason Harpole said the bigger issue beyond people dumping their trash is how all of the mess will be cleaned up.  Harpole goes on to say that it will take a lot of work and a lot of time. "They'll have to bring big equipment in," he continued. "Probably from somewhere further down the tracks."

For months - maybe even years - Harpole said people have been tossing couches, TV's and mattresses from railroad over-passes. He said people mostly use rural county roads because they are less traveled, even by deputies. He's now urging the public to report any illegal dumping.  "People get away with it a little bit easier.  That's kind of why we would like the help," he told Local 6.

Gauldoni has a piece of advice for those who think it's funny and convenient - "I don't think they would like to anybody to do it in their area," he said.
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