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Jury selection set to start Monday in Keith Griffith trial

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - When investigators found Julie Griffith's body inside her burned home in Reidland in January 2014, detectives began putting together the pieces of a complicated puzzle.

At first, we were told her husband wasn't home at the time, but a week later, McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden arrested Keith Griffith and charged him with murder.  "I want to stress how confident we are in our findings and how confident we are in this arrest," Sheriff Jon Hayden.

We later found out Julie was shot three times and her home then set on fire.  Her husband of 36 years would plead not guilty, but investigators say Keith's motive is clear.  They said he was having an affair with a woman in Indiana and had taken out a $150,000 life insurance policy that became good a week before Julie's death.  Defense attorney Emily Roark said Keith Griffith is adamant he is not a murderer.

"He has said from the very beginning that he did not do this and adamant he is innocent of this offense and he has maintained that innocence from the beginning," Roark said.

Keith's alibi was called into question when deputies say they found video of him leaving an Indiana hotel the night Julie died. Investigators say he then drove his SUV back to his subdivision right before the fire started and this past week, Griffith's attorneys asked for the charges against him be dropped, but that request was denied.

Jury selection is set to begin Monday.
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