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Day 1 of Keith Griffith jury selection

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - Jury selection will continue Tuesday in the murder trial of Keith Griffith.

About 400 potential jurors were called Monday.  200 of those were dismissed Monday, but could be called back Tuesday.  Of the 200 people who remained, 40 were called at random to answer questions about the court system, their feelings on the death penalty and their relationship with Griffith and his wife.

Defense attorneys will have their time to interview the 40 starting Tuesday morning.  Once prosecutors and the defense team agree on the first set of 40, another set of 40 potential jurors will be called and the interview process will be repeated until both sides agree on 80.

The 80 potential jurors will then be interviewed individually and that number will be reduced to 16.  12 of the 16 will be on the jury - there will be four alternates.  

Jury selection is expected to take all week.
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