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Rauner vows to fix child care funding

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he wants to put his state back to work, but due to a $300 million shortfall in child care, a lot of would be workers are forced to stay home.

Every day, Lori Longueville and her colleagues at the John A. Logan Child Care Resource and Referral office work with daycares on a variety of problems, but the biggest issue in 2015 isn't an easy fix.

"The problem is with a $300 million shortfall starting this month we are dependent only on federal funds to pay the bills,” said Longueville.

As of the first of the month the state of Illinois ran out of funding for childcare forcing places like ‘The Growing Patch' in Herrin to close their doors.

"It's putting a lot of people in a bind and some of them are very apparent,” said Longueville. “Obviously families who depend on this to help pay their childcare, and childcare providers who count on that enrollment to help pay their bills, pay their staff, their overhead cost or whatever."

Governor Bruce Rauner says he is aware of the problem, which has been ongoing since the Quinn administration.

"We're going to fix the mess,” said Gov. Bruce Rauner. “I've been working with the general assembly and what we need to do is pick out the things that are top priorities, reallocate some money from certain departments and programs into others. Childcare should be funded, and it's a critical priority."

Federal funding is still available to daycares, but it only covers about half of the bill.

Longueville says daycare providers may have to adjust to only getting checks every other month due to the shortfall.

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