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Keith Griffith's love interest takes stand in murder trial

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PADUCAH, Ky - The woman Keith Griffith wanted to start a relationship with after meeting her in 2010 told jurors Wednesday she did not want a relationship and only wanted to be friends.

"Every idle moment is thoughts of you," Deanna Cloe said as she was reading texts and cards in court.

Cloe testified Griffith told her he was divorced and soon after began a close friendship that included Griffith giving her gifts. "This is what made him so charming is he constantly showered me with gifts and flowers. He'd send me flowers with notes. He was just so giving," she said.

Cloe said Griffith wanted a romantic relationship. he even told her about a piece of property he was looking at so they could live together in Indiana.  The day after the house fire, she found out Griffith was still married during an interview with detectives. "He says first of all, Keith was not divorced.  He has been married for over 35 years to his high school sweetheart and I broke down crying because I didn't know," Cloe said emotionally.

Griffith was seen wiping tears as Cloe read texts about Julie Griffith's funeral.  She offered to attend, but he declined.  During cross examination, Mark Bryant questioned Cloe's trustworthiness.

"So all this time you were around him, you never checked his Facebook?" Bryant asked.  "No," she responded.  "You're a trusting soul aren't you?" Bryant asked. "I am to a fault," Cloe said.

Bryant also questioned why Cloe stayed so close to Griffith, suggesting she was only interested in him because he gave her expensive purses and jewelry.   "Why didn't you stop this relationship?" he asked.  "Because I enjoyed his friendship," Cloe said. "No, you enjoyed his gifts clearly," Bryant quipped back. "That's your opinion," Cloe responded.  "That is my opinion," Bryant replied.

The state rested their case. The defense will begin calling witnesses Thursday. 

You can watch her entire testimony by clicking here.
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