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Local produce to be shipped up north

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The next time you go visit friends or family in Chicago, you will be able to find your favorite, home-grown produce.

Local fruits and veggies will be traveling nearly 350 miles from Rendleman Orchard in Alto Pass to Roundy's grocery chain flagship store called Mariano's in Shorewood, Illinois.

At Rendleman Orchard, there are no buds or flowers to speak of because it is pruning season.

Owner Wayne Sirles says the trees at the orchard produce 800 acres worth of fruit.

"We raise apples, peaches, nectarines," said Sirles.

At harvest time, what is grown here will be shipped upstate and sold in Mariano's grocers

The partnership between the chain and Rendleman's is starting small.

Sirles says he produces enough already to provide the chain fruit without exhausting any resources.

But if the partnership is successful, like it is anticipated to be, Sirles says it is possible they expand their production.

That would further the local and regional economy even more, and that is big news for rural areas.

"Where sometime's the economy's more fragile than other areas, it helps us provide a lot of support within those areas," said Sirles.

Local 6 reached out to Roundy's headquarters for a comment and a spokesperson there told us they are excited about the new partnership.

"Roundy's is very passionate about supporting locally grown produce, connecting our customers with their local food, and being an outlet for the farm to sell their fresh and local products," said Dawn Olszewki, Produce Category Analyst.

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