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Local author finds success in romance

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"Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men," "Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors," and "Nice Girls Don't Live Forever." Those are just three of the paranormal romance novels written by Western Kentucky author Molly Harper. She's a former Paducah Sun reporter who says the daily grind helped her write that first book. She now has a contract with Simon and Schuster and 19 published novels in just 6 years. It's a dream Harper says has been a work in progress since she was a little girl.

"When I was a kid I had my mom's typewriter and I sat in my little office and wrote my first, terrible, short story and this was the dream....what I wanted."

As for the romance genre, Harper says it's popularity is pretty simple. We all want to be loved.

"That's an urge that never goes away. You want someone out there to appreciate you," She says.

Harper has been nominated for a RITA, kind of like an Emmy, but for romance writers. Her books have been published in 4 languages, and she says while she's not making Nora Roberts' money just yet, she's comfortable.

"I'm able to stay at home and do what I love....that's what matters to me."

You can check out titles, writer's conferences, and future projects by going to MollyHarper.com 

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