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Road Crews work through high snowfall

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PADUCAH, Ky - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear just declared a state of emergency.

With almost a foot of snow throughout the Local 6 region making it difficult, even impossible to navigate the roads today.

Many roads, and the interstate were still hidden under snow. But as for how crews are combating the snow on the road- they can only plow and move the snow around.

Now that the snow has stopped, crews won't have to go over the same routes so many times- the falling snowfall earlier made it look like some roads hadn't been touched. Pre-treating efforts weren't that effective either because of the cold temperatures and the amount of snow so all crews can do is plow the continuing snowfall.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Spokesperson, Keith Todd says it's all hands on deck. He says all 107 trucks and units were out plowing the snow today, "with it snowing this hard, its just really tough for the plows to keep up, but they're out there doing the best they can," says Todd.

He says KYTC has even even cleared crews to work longer days- into the night- to fight the snowfall. Todd says if there is a point in the night where they aren't making any more headway, they'll have clearance to quit work.

Todd says there are always some equipment problems, but they've been minor and manageable. Above all Todd says the main thing is to keep the plows out working, and keep everyone inside. Road crew work is safer with fewer drivers on the road. Todd says, "things have been a lot better off than what they could have been."

The weather conditions into the night are unique to the Local 6 area. Todd says crews can't salt because the snow would have no where to go with all the snow banks, and we could even be looking at snow drifts come morning- the wind will keep blowing the powdered snow.

As for back roads, Todd says it might be a couple of days until the back roads are cleared.  If you decide to head out in the cold something as simple as a flat tire or dead battery can be dangerous, even deadly. Click here for Red Cross preparedness tips.
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