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Keith Griffith takes stand in own murder trial

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PADUCAH, Ky - The man accused of murdering his wife spent much of Tuesday telling the jury he did not harm or threaten her the night she died.

"Keith, can you tell the jury please, did you murder your wife?" Mark Bryant asked his client.  "I did not kill my wife. I love my wife," Keith Griffith said.

He said he couldn't have done it because he wasn't in Reidland at the time.  He claims to have visited bars and a strip club in Louisville at the time of Julie's death. He said he kept his alibi hidden 2 to 3 months after his arrest.

"I was embarrassed and ashamed what I was doing the night my wife died," Griffith told the jury.

Prosecutor Jim Harris highlighted Griffith's lies during cross examination.  He said Griffith lied about his infidelity and not leaving the hotel that night and said Griffith's biggest lie was his 36 year marriage.

"You were lying to your church too weren't you?" Jim Harris asked. "A liar and a hypocrite, weren't you sir?" he added.  "Yes sir. I'm not a perfect man," Griffith said.

Harris said another lie was Griffith's relationship with Deanna Cloe.  Griffith said he was attracted to her sexually but wasn't planning to move in with her.  Griffith told her he was divorced when they first met in 2010.

"I was trying to, trying to have a friend with benefits," Griffith said.

Closing arguments are expected Wednesday morning along with jury deliberations.

You can watch all of Keith Griffith's testimony by clicking here. 
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