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SIU budget cut could lead to tuition hike

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Students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale could face a tuition hike and program cuts after Governor Bruce Rauner proposed to cut higher education spending by 15%.

SIU President Randy Dunn is being asked to cut $44 million from the budget at Southern Illinois University's Carbondale campus.

"In some ways you almost want to throw up your hands because it become so detrimental to the operations of the campus," said Dr. Randy Dunn.

The cuts mean tuition could be on the rise, but Dunn says he feels passing the buck isn't the answer.

"If you look at the 32,000 students across the SIU system and try to give a bill to every student that's over $2,000 to make up that loss, and we can't do that," said Dr. Dunn.

"I'm actually working two jobs right now to help pay for my college and it's already kind of a struggle," said SIU freshman Kelsey Stosberg. "Hearing that I might have to pay $2,000 more makes me worry that I might not be able to come back here next year."

If students like Kelsey Stosberg are able to return in the fall, SIU could be much different than when they leave this spring.

"Fewer class offerings, bigger course sections, fewer opportunities with tenure track faculty," said Dr. Dunn.

The Illinois General Assembly has until July 1st to approve a final budget.

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