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Saving lives, transporting patients

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This snow is life or death matter for some. People with kidney failure rely on dialysis treatment to stay alive.

Patients recently have faced a difficult choice- risk their lives on rural back roads or risk their lives by skipping treatment and staying home, but many patients were rescued in more than one way from the snow.

When the plows don't reach the hills, and the shadows keep the ice intact dialysis patients face a difficult decision. And one that Jennifer DuBerry knew she would have to make when the snow coated the area. DuBerry says, “It can be beautiful in the spring but can be deadly in the winter for sure.”

She knows it's a difficult decision, “It's definitely a trip to the hospital for sure if not to the morgue.” But DuBerry received a surprising call out of the blue, saving her life. The clinic where she receives dialysis offered her a ride to her appointment through the Marshall County Rescue Squad. DuBerry says, “They were perfect gentleman as well.”

Marshall County Rescue Squad Assistant Chief, Brian Morrison says he doesn't need an IOU, he doesn't need a bill paid. Morrison says, “We don't get anything out of it, we don't expect anything out of it.”

All members of the Marshall County Rescue Squad are volunteers.

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