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Helping prevent flash flooding

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The freezing rain Friday night, and more rain in the forecast means possible flash flooding in neighborhoods.

If the snow isn't cleared off from drains it can cause storm water to back up into the streets. Public Works Crews in LaCenter, Kentucky were shoveling out sewers and drains Friday.

Director Jody Brown said they're trying to clear as many as they can.

"It's not going to stop all the flooding, but if we can get all these opened up it can get about fifty percent of the flooding off of the roads," Brown said.

Public Works won't be able to get to all of the drains, so they're asking homeowners to clear off their own. 

Hydrologist Mary Lamm with the National Weather Service said flooding from area rivers won't be a problem. Lamm said we've been in a drought over the last month and that creeks and streams are actually at very low water level for this time of the year.

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