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School superintendents weigh options to resume class after winter weather

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GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - Many back roads in southern Graves County are still blanketed in white which is why Superintendent Kim Dublin called off classes again Wednesday.

"There are some roads, back roads, curvy roads, shaded roads that we will still have quite a bit of snow and ice coverage on," she said.

To eliminate any risks of runoffs, she said it was better to keep kids at home, but the bus drivers were put to work.

"Our bus drivers are looking at their routes today and targeting the roads with our transportation director," Dublin told Local 6.

Thursday, Graves County Schools will be in session and buses will run only where it's safe.  Dublin said it's not a rush decision.

"I'm a mother of three, step mother of three, got a new little grand-baby.  If I don't want them out on the road, I'm not going to put anyone else's children on the road," she said.

Rita Guthrie is a grandmother of six.  They live on back roads and said riding on a bus wouldn't be safe.  "They're good and bad where the sun is hitting them.  It's melting, but it's not real good," Guthrie said.

Dublin said she understands some city roads may be clear, but she takes into account the large layout of the county where many secondary and rural roads are still trying to thaw out.

"I do get calls, I do get emails questioning why we're not in school where the roads are clear.  You know, the district is large and I have to make that decision wholelistically," Dublin said.
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