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Animal control officers share friendly reminder about outside pets

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - The cold weather can be worrisome for people, but John Roman wants you to also consider how the cold could impact outside animals.  He's an animal control officer for the city of Metropolis and said the recent weeks are keeping him extra busy.

"In a perfect world, all the animals would be inside when it got cold.  We don't live in a perfect world," he told Local 6.

He's taken in a number of dogs in the past two weeks - one that was surrendered by its owner and another that constantly wrapped itself around a tree and couldn't get to shelter.  Both of those were primarily outside pets.  "Nine times out of 10 they are fine.  It's just a lot of people don't like seeing the dogs out there, outside in these conditions," he said.

In McCracken County, Animal Control Director Kathryn Coleman is in a similar situation.  "In extreme cold, the snow can cake up between the dog's paws and it's very painful for them," she said.

Last week, a dog got loose and was rescued from a pond after the batteries from the owner's invisible fence stopped working.  Another dog almost died after being outside too long.

"The dog was extremely thin and had no food and no water.  There was shelter available but the dog didn't seem to want to go in the shelter," Coleman told Local 6.

Coleman said if your pets have to stay outside, make sure they have a proper covering and are insulated with a dry blanket or even hay.  If the water in their bowl freezes, it's a good indication that it may be too cold outside.
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