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Calloway County ice problems

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CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky. - Why are districts like McCracken county back open when nearly a foot of snow fell, but Calloway County remains shut down for the tenth day in a row? 

They did get less snow, but they saw almost a full inch of sleet and ice. Limited crews and resources are making things even tougher. It's these conditions keeping many from returning to a regular routine.

In the middle of the day, the middle of the week, the Calloway County Fire Rescue would be empty. But not today, considering unique circumstances. The men and women at the Calloway County Fire Rescue are all volunteers. Fire Chief, Tommy Morgan says some haven't been paid a their day jobs because they can't go, but he says "It's nice to have in the past week we've been busy."

Morgan says the weather, and the roads have a lot to do with it, "One of the gentleman does construction, he's not able to work and green he's the same thing he can't work."

Emergency Management Director Bill Call says because of their limited crew, their efforts had limited effect, "We had the sleet and snow combination followed by hard freezes." He says no Southern community is well-equipped to deal with this kind of weather. With winter weather the Local 6 region impacting every county in the region, Call says the counties weren't engaging in mutual aid where they help cross-county.

Until people can return to their regular routines, Morgan says many of his crew will live as volunteers, "Last week we had at least 10 to 12 people here at all times." Some even log 50-70 hours from the past week.

The winter storm prompted Emergency Management to do something they haven't done in 7 years, pull out sandbags to stop the threat of flooding.

Calloway County students get another day off Friday, but staff is scheduled to report. The superintendent says students will probably have to make this time up, but they won't change the calendar without a survey of parents and teachers.

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