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Potholes forming on major bridge, repairs may be needed

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MASSAC COUNTY, IL - If you drive over the I-24 Ohio River Bridge, you may see several pothole patches.

"Seems like it's been going on ever since they built it, to be honest," Terry Wall said of the bridge's constant construction.

Wall felt many of the potholes Friday morning.  "Potholes, large ones and small ones too.  But there's a lot of large potholes they filled in," Wall said.

Illinois Department of Transportation Engineer Keith Roberts said the potholes are fairly new.  "Back in December a number of potholes developed that we thought to be an isolated incident, but this past weekend more occurred," Roberts said.

Roberts said the state, which oversees all of the bridge maintenance, ended up filling close to 40 potholes.  Right now, Roberts can't pinpoint a cause, but said the cold weather could be a factor.  He also said the problem may lie beneath the top layer, which Illinois paid to replace at a cost of $450,000 last year.  "We are going to do what investigations were can and try to make what temporary repairs if necessary," he told Local 6.

Roberts said that won't happen until the weather warms up.  Wall, who drove to Ft. Massac to enjoy the view, said he can't help but think how the state will fix the problem permanently.

"It seems like every time I come down here, there's something with the bridge or you hear it on the news all the time," Wall said.
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