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Car winter worries

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PADUCAH, KY - Most of the ice and snow is melting but that doesn't mean the end to winter headaches. Keep an eye on how your car runs.
Ice, snow filled streets, salt, and pot holes could have your facing some pricey repairs.

Navigating through the end of winter, and Keith Goff with Shelby Wheel and Tire says his business is picking up. The primary reason, because winter has put a strain on car suspensions and alignments. Goff says there are a couple indications your car needs to be looked at, an obvious pull one way or another would be an obvious concern. Another reason would be if your car continues to vibrate.

Driving over the snow bumps is just like speed bumps. It jostles your alignment, throwing it out of whack.

Jason Hunter generally delays work on his ride, but he says in this weather he knew it best to bring it in, "I didn't know if it was the cold weather or if I had run over something." He brought his car in because one of his tires was riding differently.

Because although staying keen to wash the salt will prevent corrosion in the long run, in the short term cars are at risk for more maintenance.

Goff says he's also seeing a lot of cars that have hit potholes. He says with warmer weather the potholes with just multiply. 
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