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Local marine details Air Force One

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KEVIL, KY - A local veteran's side project to help his newborn lands him an opportunity of a lifetime.

Marine Abdul Felix Nance from Kevil, KY recently flew to Arizona to detail an Air Force One. Nance volunteered his time to detail a plane President John F. Kennedy used to fly in.

He said it was an incredible experience, especially since he's only been detailing cars about two years.

"It was very awesome, just being in the military, it's just something honorable to do even to put my hands on the plane itself," Nance said.

The plane is already on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. 

You could say detailing cars is Nance's passion, but it only started because of his newborn.

"My son was born with a condition. Insurance wouldn't pay for medical equipment. He had plagiocephaly -its deformation of the skull," Nance said.

Just the helmet, his son Josiah needs to wears, costs about $3,000. 

Nance's wife, Crystal said that's why he turned to detailing.

"He started out of our garage just washing and waxing cars to raise money for his helmet," Crystal said.

Nance and his family moved back to Kentucky from New York this past October. He said work has picked up and now he details cars full time in the Paducah area with Corporal Clean LLC.

Nance said he's very grateful for this rare opportunity that was the result of a labor of love for his son. Josiah is now 22-months-old and is wearing his second helmet to help shape his skull.   

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