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A new winter storm, a new strategy

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It snows, then the plows clear the roads. It may seem like the same action and reaction over and over again, but road crews say each storm is different. 

As crews prepare for the latest round of winter weather to hit the Local 6 Area, they're looking at several things, not just how much snow is expected. 

Sleet is supposed to fall first and that not only decreases snow totals, it increases salt totals, said Keith Todd, Public Information Officers for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. More salt is needed to melt sleet. The temperatures also play a role, he said. The colder it is after the storm, the more salt is needed. The type of snow is also noted because the lighter and dryer the snow, the easier it is to clear. Wednesday's storm is bound to cause some traffic trouble. 

"We're looking at some pretty brutal driving conditions probably through most of the day Wednesday and into Thursday," said Todd. 

Todd said the state's salt supply is in good shape. They have another shipment scheduled to come in later this week. The bigger challenge comes from smaller counties, like Ballard. 

Brad Jones, Road Supervisor for Ballard County said his crew is top of the line, but they can't afford a facility to store salt so they get their from the state and can only load two trucks up before a storm starts. Those trucks are already in the garage and ready to go. Jones said they head to steep hills and sharp curves first. 

Both Jones and Todd, like most people, hope this storm is the season's last. 

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