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Preparing for second round of winter weather

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PADUCAH, Ky - To prepare for the coming winter weather - you may have already missed your window. Earlier in the day, stores were partially stocked with what was left of winter weather supplies. Lowe's in Paducah was one of the last stores selling ice melt, but only hours later almost all the bags were sold out.

Lowe's Assistant Manager, Tony Freeman says they were one of the lucky ones, "There was a break in the weather and we were able to get a truck in here that had plenty of salt on it." They were one of the stores that chose to order more salt, and had the opportunity to do so. Freeman says, "We tried to get stocked up when we got the winter weather a little bit ago."

Some people are even choosing to substitute with livestock salt, although managers say that can damage concrete and pavement.

Freeman says something even tougher to find in stores are shovels- completely sold out days ago. And although hardware stores are staying busy, Freeman thinks there may be a busier place to find winter weather supplies, "I imagine groceries are even busier than we are right now."

Many hardware stores I called are stocked with clothing- gloves, ice scrapers, and some windshield de-icer. But if you want to get a head start on spring- maybe the gardening shovels will help you out this round of weather.

For the last snow got- some stores stocked something they haven't in years: snow blowers. And for the first time- they sold out of all of those as well.

And for when to expect a restocking- Lowe's managers say they aren't going to turn any trucks around, but those already on the way may be delayed if road conditions are an issue. Especially if more salt and shovels are diverted to Boston and the Northeast.
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