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Fighting the winter blues

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PADUCAH, Ky - Not only is this weather a hassle, it can also impact how we feel. Many people are fighting the winter blues.

One of the reasons, we've only seen glimpses of the sun.

While you may not notice it immediately, you may just start to  feel a little 'blah' because of it. The clinical term is Seasonal Affective Disorder.  And unless you take some supplements, you're not getting that Vitamin D we primarily get from the sun.

Vitamin D from the sun helps us feel more active and boosts your immune system.

Heath Health Foods says they've been helping more fight the winter blues, but they say you'll need more than supplements to help you feel better. Jessica Heath with Heath Health Foods says, "Especially no sunshine its really hard to want to go outside and go for a walk. We don't have that sunshine to inspire us. The best thing is to take that D3 and keep on going."

So what if you're getting a little stressed out from being out in this weather? Heath told me B vitamins can help you manage the winter stress, and citrus essential oils around your home will trick your mind to jump start your spring thoughts.

But one thing that's not recommended to counter feeling down, tanning beds.  Health experts say too many studies show the risks outweigh the benefits.
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