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Snow creates difficult conditions for firefighters

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Daniel Collier was watching it snow from inside his house when someone started banging on his door. It was his nephew. "He come over beating on my door and told me to call 911, their trailer's on fire," he said. It was his daughter's home on Milliken Road in Paducah . He was sure no one was home because just hours before she and her fiance and her one-month-old baby moved out.

"The flames were shooting out right about six foot right above the air-conditioner," he said. "I knew it was gone. There was nothing they can do with it."

Not that fire fighters didn't try. They just had to move slow in the snow.

"You just have to slow down and take your time," said Jody Melton, Captain of Reidland-Farley Fire Department. "If you can't get there that's not helping anything."

Snow covered their equipment as quickly as they could clean it off and made it difficult to see. It will also make it hard to figure out what started the fire. Collier said he's not sure what could have sparked it. The heaters were off because they moved out. He thinks maybe water got into the wall and sparked a wire. "

They're out and they're okay so that's all that really matters," he said.

First responders said it's really helpful that other drivers stay off the roads when the conditions are so poor. That way they can focus on the roads, and not on the other vehicles.

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