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Shovel or pay

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The roads are starting to clear up in Southern Illinois, but the sidewalks are not.

The city of Carbondale will start slapping tickets on people's doors on Saturday if they have not shoveled their sidewalks by Friday.

A fine will run you $70 to $700 for repeat offenders.

Jessi Gordon has been holding off on breaking out the shovel.

"I actually threw my back out, but now that I know they're going to be fining," said Gordon.

But she got to work to avoid the fine.

City Manager Kevin Baity hopes everyone follows Gordon's lead.

"We have sidewalks and they're put there for a reason, and it's for the safety of our pedestrians," said Baity.

He says the rule has been on the books for years.

You have 48 hours after the last snowfall to take care of your sidewalks.

The only exceptions are the elderly or disabled.

"If they cannot get out and shovel the snow then they can call here and we'll put them on a list and for a fee the city will pay a contractor to remove the snow from their sidewalk," said Baity.

Baity says the ordinance is not meant to inconvenience you, it is meant to keep you safe.

If you are a renter, the responsibility of shoveling could fall to your landlord, so be sure to check your lease for that information.

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