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Paducah city pothole patrol

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PADUCAH, Ky - You've been telling us where the pot holes are in your neighborhood and our map is filling up with all the spots you've seen holes in the road.

Some reports we've gotten: Kentucky Oaks Mall, Elmdale Road, and Kentucky Avenue. And the city is sending multiple crews out to ease your drive.

Erileigh Conwell knows how fickle Paducah weather can be, but still struggles with her road into work- which is littered with potholes. Conwell says, "you have to swerve and dodge and ditch all the potholes as you're driving because you don't see them until you're 3 feet away from them."

Local 6 found one pot hole at the corner of Kentucky and 21st Avenue. It was as big as a pizza box and about 10 inches deep.

Public Information Officer for Paducah, Pam Spencer says all it takes is a good thaw for potholes to pop up, "crews every spring for a few days go out and fill the potholes and then go out and rehit the potholes that get hit over and over again."

Spencer says as part of their plan is sending out three crews to cover different zones in the city. She says they know where the potholes are and work the whole day filling them. With all the different groups out throughout the city, there are even unofficial reports reporting back on city streets. Spencer says, "we have park rangers who are out driving; we have refuse trucks out driving; we have a lot of eyes out on the streets... It helps."

Spencer said the money to manage potholes in the city is part of the regular street budget, and once they fill in the potholes- they will look at the different areas that need complete repaving. 

The crews right now are not putting in overtime. The only responsibility of the three crews over the past three days is filling pot holes.

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