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Pisgah Bay project at LBL under microscope by judge executive

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LYON COUNTY, Ky. - The 5,000 acres of the Pisgah Bay area are at the center of another discussion of what should be done, if anything, to its landscape.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White and the fiscal court passed a resolution Thursday night asking the Forest Service to keep the area as is, for now.

"Put everything on hold.  Open up the dialogue so that we can talk about what's going on," White said.

The resolution is legally non-binding.  Land Between The Lakes Supervisor Tina Tilley is drafting a proposal to clear some of the Pisgah Bay area, which could include clear-cutting and prescribed burns.

"That'll create the habitats and the opportunity for the public to fully enjoy and wildlife to thrive," Tilley said to Local 6.

This isn't the first time White is getting involved.  Earlier this year, he came out against a 53 page 'Scenic Management Plan' that called for thousands of more acres to be cleared or burned.  That plan was later scrapped.

"They're very passionate upon this because they see a landscape change taking place that they really haven't been aware of and really don't approve of," said White.

Dozens of public comments poured in asking for a hands-off approach including people saying:  'No more burning,' 'Leave LBL alone' 'No more logging.'

Tilley insists the clearing is a common practice and is needed to make LBL more sustainable.

"I have no intention of clear cutting all of LBL and I have no intention of converting LBL over to an old, grassland savannah," she said.
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