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One home building project in area

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FULTON COUNTY, KY - The Habitat for Humanity Home in Fulton, KY is almost done, and it's one of a kind.  That's because it's the only new construction in Fulton County, Kentucky where the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the region.

Elizabeth Moore says she's had years to plan what every room in her home will look like. From her living room, to her 'queen suite' to the new smart TV they'll have in the living room, Moore says the new home is one of her long-time dreams. But to one of her sons, Dennis Moore, it's a fulfilled promise to his mother. He says, "I've been the man of the house for a while, since I was 16 but for this new house to be in my name and my house is actually blessing from God."

But Dennis is also the homeowner of the only home being built in Fulton, Kentucky.

Early 2014, city leaders say a housing grant dried up, so they weren't able to build any more homes. That's why they say any home building is progress. City Manager, Cubb Stokes says they're grateful for the Habitat For Humanity projects in Fulton. Without the one million dollar grant, Stokes says they need new homes to make the community more attractive. He says, "Here's movement in and out of Fulton there's no building in Fulton or Fulton County, it's stagnant."

Cherry Pyron with Habitat for Humanity says they were able to sell some land the city donated, which helped them in the building process, "We hope this will help their family and help the town of Fulton to."

So in turn, they can help Elizabeth and her family make new memories, "I'm looking so forward and I just appreciate everybody."

Stokes said instead of building new homes, they're emphasizing code enforcement. This is to make sure the homes stay safe and maintained. They may attempt a 'match' program like the one in Paducah where the city would match an amount of money from a potential homeowner. But they're just talking about it right now to see if this is possible.

There were 8 homes built from the 2014 housing grant.
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