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Fluor looking to hire local sub-contractors at former Gaseous Diffusion Plant

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PADUCAH, Ky. - Inside Paducah's Expo Center, Dale Usher hopes to usher in a new relationship with Fluor.  He's at a supplier's forum to market his electrical and power company.

"We do any kind of electrical work, big or small," Usher said.

He's a small business owner in Mayfield, specializing in generators.  He wants his shot to play a big role in cleaning up the former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.  "That's what we're hoping to do is learning from this forum and get a good grasp of what we need to do to be a good service to them," he said.

Bob Nichols is Flour's Director of Operations.  He said it's his goal to use local, qualified sub-contractors.  That's also been a big push by local leaders.

"Predominantly most of our procurements are really focused on the local community.  Geographically, four or five counties.  So, we fundamentally want to focus on local buying as mush as we possibly can," Nichols told Local 6.

Brian Andress is familiar with government contracts.  His company, HP Products, worked with USEC for years.  "We're very familiar with the surroundings.  What they're dealing with and what supplied they will need," Andress said.

He works for a full-service company which offers janitorial, safety and textile products.  He said HP Product's close proximity to the plant makes it ideal for Fluor.  "We're about 10, 15 minutes away from the branch so I think there is a lot we can offer with the high level of service that Fluor is looking for," he said.

There is no timetable for when those local businesses will be chosen, but a Fluor spokesperson said he hopes to have between 600 and 700 employees available between Fluor and sub-contractor work by the end of the year.
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