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180 animals taken from Reidland home

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Space at the McCracken County Animal Shelter is tighter than normal. More than 60 dogs, many of them Miniature Pinscher, were taken in after they were removed from a Reidland home Wednesday.

"It's a very, very difficult situation," Animal Control Officer Chryss George said.

George said she received an anonymous tip and some of the dogs are emaciated and malnourished. "You have to handle it very carefully because you can do more damage than good," she said.

The homeowner's name hasn't been released because this is an ongoing investigation.

Shelter volunteer Caroline Cappock calls the hoarding case heartbreaking. "These dogs all need help," she said. It's Cappock's first time seeing a case like this and hopes people come forward to offer help. "There are tons of dogs in there. They're cold, shivering, scared and it's just sad to see," she told Local 6.

George said the homeowner once fostered animals and worked closely with local shelters. She believes the woman was also a breeder because there's so many of the Miniature Pinscher breed.

"This is purely a over the time of many of years hoarding. Someone that just really trying to do the right thing, very passionate love for the animals and it got too far and out of control."

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