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Deputies pull over people for not doing anything wrong

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MAYFIELD, Ky - The Graves County Sheriff's Department is working to put law enforcement in a more positive light. This week deputies are pulling people over to reward them for good driving.

They're handing out gas and food gift cards instead of tickets. Graves County Capt. Jeremy Prince said it feels good for people to see them in a positive situation.

“You know, it's nice to do things to let people know, to let them see that we are not just here to write tickets or take people to jail. You know, we are out to try to help,” Prince said.

One of the people pulled over, Sue Jetton, said she was surprised and a little nervous.

“I said 'Maybe I got a tail light out or something,' but this was a nice and pleasant surprise. So thank you,” Jetton said.

Prince said the many negative stories about law enforcement make his job hard sometimes.

“They push that image off on you and think that maybe you're going to act that way or that's the type of person you are when you're not at all,” Prince said.

So Graves County deputies are hoping with a little gas money that image can change for some.

“Hopefully, they'll take away that they can see us in a positive light as well and that we're not just always here to get people in trouble,” Prince said.

Deputies will be handing out gas and food gift cards like these for the rest of the week. Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon said he's paying for the gift cards out of his pocket. He said it's not much, but he wanted do something to help change people's views
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