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App puts city services at your fingertips

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Mayor Bob Butler has long maintained that Marion, Illinois, is the hub of the universe, and now he thinks a new app has the technology to back it up.

"It never occurred to me that we would have the capability that we have today,” Butler said. “It's great that our citizens have ready access to any department in the city."

Marion IT Director Terance Henry says the city's new app allows people to pay utility bills, find out what's going on around the city, and have 24 hour access to city services.

"You can always walk into city hall when we're open, but now we're telling the citizens that are out there that you can have that same power at your fingertips," Henry said.

Anyone can download the app, which his extremely easy and user friendly.

To file a request you select new request, and submit your complaint. GPS is then used to log the location, where you can even add a picture of the problem.

"8 p.m. we can submit a ticket about our sidewalk being busted knowing that somebody in that respective department will get that information and respond to it accordingly, and keep me involved every step of the way," Henry said.

"The bottom line is to be of service to the people of the community," Butler said.

Marion is the only city in the area that currently has the app, which was designed by a third party and costs taxpayers about $2,500 a year.

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