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State approves next step in Paducah riverfront development

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PADUCAH, Ky - Angela Landers is at peace when she's fishing down by Paducah's riverfront.

"The sound of the water, the relaxing qualities of the water, just watching the clouds roll through," Landers said with a smile.

Days like today make her think of the construction that's on the horizon. She said the riverfront development will hopefully bring more people and families downtown. "Nothing like the wind in your hair and the sun in your face," she said of the weather.

The next phase of development includes building a gangway leading out to a transient dock, which is also part of the next step. Expanding Schultz Park to include a stone revetment is also planned, making it easier for people to walk down to the water.

Don Blake told Local 6 the project is a must for Paducah.  "I've talked to people during the Quilt Show. They come out here by the thousands, and Paducah is a beautiful little town. But, they need to get a lot of improvements done if they are going to bring anyone in here," Blake said.
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