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Carbondale man sentenced to prison for robbing delivery drivers

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CARBONDALE, IL - A Carbondale man has been sentenced to prison for robbing delivery drivers.

The first robbery happened on February 22nd, 2015. The Carbondale Police Department says a delivery driver called them saying he was robbed when he tried to deliver a pizza in the area of 607 East Park Street.

The delivery driver says that 20-year-old Joshua Lewis threw something into his face and then threw him against a wall and to the ground. Lewis then stood over the driver with a knife and demanded his money. The driver said he gave Lewis all his money and the pizza before running away.

Over the next few days, police received more reports of robberies involving delivery drivers and warned local restaurant owners to be on the lookout for any phone calls made from a specific phone number which had been used to place delivery orders in instances where drivers were robbed.

A pizza delivery was ordered from that number and police were notified. The police department set up a surveillance perimeter around where the pizza was being delivered and a officer rode with the driver.

When they arrived, Lewis began to approach the vehicle and the officer got out.

Lewis began to run and was tazed by the officer and arrested. A knife was found on the ground next where Lewis was arrested. He later admitted to the other robberies.

Lewis pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
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