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A special promposal

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PADUCAH, Ky - Prom season's here, and it can be a bit stressful —from paying for it all, to just landing a date. Local 6's Juliana Valencia went to see two students getting ready for McCracken County High School's prom last Saturday and how that promposal meant even more to one student.

Adam Stanley is only a freshman and got asked to prom. Junior Alexis Courtney is in a peer tutoring program at McCracken County High School with Stanley. The program has students work with other special need students. 

Stanley has Down syndrome, but his date doesn't care. Courtney said she has lots of fun with him and was actually worried he wouldn't go with her.

“Until a couple days ago, he kept saying no just cause to get on my nerves. I just asked him. I was like 'Adam, do you want to go to a dance with me?'” Courtney said.

Stanley's mom, Lana Dockery, said she didn't expect her son to go to prom so early.

"His date asked me if it would be okay, and I wasn't sure she was serious at first, but she said, ‘I'm serious, I'm serious,'” Dockery said.

Courtney said she is really excited to go with Stanley to prom

“He's just goofy. He's always happy, and even when he's not happy when I walk in the room, he usually...always smiles," Courtney said.

The two went with three other group dates that also asked students from their peer tutoring group.
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