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Carbondale doctor works to send aid to Nepalese home

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Dr. Satyadeep Bhattacharya Dr. Satyadeep Bhattacharya

Recovery and rescue efforts continue in Nepal after an April earthquake the Associated Press says killed roughly 8,000 and left another roughly 18,000 injured.

Aid workers from around the world are still rushing to get help to the 8 million Nepalese impacted, but for one local surgeon the quake struck too close for home.

For the past nine years Dr. Satyadeep Bhattacharya has lived in America, but his mind has been in Nepal since the moment a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck his home.

"It's been a nightmare scenario for all of us," Bhattacharya said. "This is something we've been dreading for a long time."

Though he routinely saves lives here as a surgeon, Bhattacharya realized he could be of more help back home.

"I needed to be back home," Bhattacharya said. "I needed to help my country. I needed to take care of my family and my loved ones. I needed to do whatever I could to try and bring some relief to the nation."

Bhattacharya took close to $40,000 in relief supplies along with him after his supplies along with him to Nepal.

After the supplies Bhattacharya took to Nepal ran out he gave the only thing he had left, time.

"Eight million people have been directly effected by this earthquake in Katmanduh, the capitol, as well as in many villages, which are so remote that even now relief supplies have not adequately reached them," Bhattacharya said.

While the disaster in Nepal is forever burned in his mind, Bhattacharya is worried that the rest of the world will soon forget his people.

"We've lost a lot our heritage, but we are strong," Bhattacharya said. "Nepalese people are very resilient. We have suffered a lot, but we believe we can come back from this. We need your help."

If you are interested in trying to help out, click here.

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