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Cat adoptions remain low at local shelter

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MAYFIELD, Ky. - Mayfield/Graves County Animal Shelter employee Penny Pollock is making it her mission to clear out the cat-filled cages.

"It does break my heart, and that's why I spend so much time with the shelter," she said.

For the first time ever, the shelter is focusing its efforts solely on trying to find people to adopt the cats and kittens. For the next three days, they'll be at Paducah's PetSmart looking for loving homes.

"We want empty cages. We would really like to be out of a job. No need for us, and if people would spay and neuter their animals, that might happen," Pollock told Local 6.

Drop offs at the shelter happen almost every day. On Thursday, three cats and five kittens were turned in, leaving shelter director Donna Rohrer scrambling to find space.  Many of the cats were strays and hadn't been spayed or neutered.

"I'm hoping this adopt-a-thon will get some of these great adult cats out of here so that I can keep some of these other great adult cats that I have in the wing," Rohrer said.

The alternative, through the a lack of space or interest, is euthanasia. Rohrer makes those tough decisions and said it's the only way, other than adoption, to keep the population manageable. "Pretty much can be every day," she said of the euthanizations.

Each cat cost $100 to adopt. Some of the cats that come to the shelter are declawed. They were declawed by their previous owners. Cats with claws are not declawed as part of the adoption process.
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