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Snow days could soon become thing of the past

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VIENNA, IL - Illinois lawmakers want to make snow days a thing of the past.

A bill that passed through the Illinois House of Representatives and is now in the Senate would create a three-year pilot program giving school districts the option of eliminating snow days in favor of online “3-learning.”

After using nine snow days, Vienna High School underclassmen are sitting through an extra week of school, but junior Shawna Oliver says she doesn't mind.

"When you have a snow day you just go home, and you can catch up on homework and catch up on sleep. And it's nice to just have a break in the middle of the semester," Oliver said.

Snow days aren't all fun and games though. Vienna teacher Joshua Stafford says snow days have evolved over the years.

"Our teachers do a great job. Whenever they see weather coming they kind of have an idea what's going on, so they make sure students go home with extra homework or extra chapters to read so they can do that type of work from home," Stafford said.

Illinois lawmakers are hoping to take that model to the next level by giving schools the option to eliminate snow days in favor of having students attend classes online from home. However, students and teachers agree that it won't work in our area.

"With our free and reduced rate at 53 percent we have a lot of families that's not an affordable option for," Stafford said.

"I don't know how well it would work because the Internet at my house doesn't always work, and some students don't have computers," Oliver said.

"E-learning has a potential to be feasible, but the missing piece is funding," Stafford said.

For more information on Illinois HB2781, click here.

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