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Vote Yes says 'unofficially' secured required petition voters

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Spokesman for the Vote Yes initiative in Marshall County Randy Newcomb says it unofficially secured the required qualified voter signatures on its petition to hold a special election in the county.

The special election is for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Marshall County, which is currently considered a dry county.

Newcomb says the initiative needed 3,366 voters in order to qualify for a special election. After the meeting Monday night, Newcomb says 3,500 were verified. He says they have 100 to 150 more petitions to verify.

In keeping with a Kentucky Revised Statute, the Vote Yes initiative has to file the petition with the county clerk, who also has to verify the voters. The county judge executive is required to verify the voters as well.

Newcomb says Vote Yes plans to file by the end of the week.

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