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Family builds memorial for family veteran

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CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ky - Thanking a veteran can come in many forms on Memorial Day. Some can thank their veterans in person while others visit grave sites or memorials. But one family says they're grateful this Memorial Day because of how they can remember him.

There's one flag that flies in the corner of the Union Church cemetery. It's where Doug Glore and his family go to visit their Vietnam Veteran father and husband who was always proud to serve his country. Glore says his father came back from the war, but the war never really left him. He says his father saw death and combat almost on a daily basis abroad, but knew he had a responsibility. Glore says, "You don't understand what they actually went through and the price they paid for our country because they paid long after they come home."

When his decorated father, D.L. passed, Glore channeled his grief and built something special for his father, and his family. Glore says, "I wanted to show him how much I really did love and care for him; he was my hero my whole life."

So Glore built a memorial to his father with an American flag that can fly 20 feet high, authentic combat boots, helmet, and his father's personal rifle cast in concrete.

Mother and wife, Victoria Glore says she's lived with the Vietnam War all her life because her husband took his duty seriously. But she says being able to visit her husband, remember, and be with him on a day he was honored to be a veteran at the tribute her son made takes some of the pain away. She says, "I'm really proud of him for all he did."

Glore says he finished the memorial in time for Mother's day, and will continue to care for the memorial which includes replace the flag when needed.
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