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Final phase of Riverfront Redevelopment Project starting soon

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The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority will begin accepting bids on Friday to start the next phase in the Riverfront Redevelopment Project.

The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority met Wednesday to discuss that and future projects in the riverfront area.

Bids on Friday will be for phase 1-B of Paducah's Riverfront Redevelopment Project, which will complete the surface of Schultz Park. Most of the rock area will be made into a green space that'll allow people to get closer to the water's edge easier. There will also be a gangway that'll lead to a 400-foot-long transient dock that'll allow boats of any size to use Paducah's riverfront.

Bids for the riverfront redevelopment project's next step were initially set for Wednesday. Executive Director Steve Doolittle said they postponed opening bids because they've had a good response from bidders so far and wanted ample time to answer questions.

The PDRA hopes they'll get a competitive bid to allow money for future projects, like River's Edge.

The hope is to turn the empty space in between the expansion of Schultz park and the convention center into a useful area for the community with things like a game gallery and shallow pond for kids to play in.

They're also looking at creating a roundabout that connects the area from downtown to the convention center and allows for parallel parking that can be turned into festival space if needed.

Chairman Bruce Brockenborough explained these are just options for their next project, but first they need funds to design it.

"It's a plan, and it's a plan for what looks like it works best now,” Brockenborough said.

PRDA approved a motion Wednesday to ask the city commission to fund the design for the River's Edge Project.

Doolittle said there is no timeline or funds dedicated to that project yet. Right now they're focusing on finishing the last phase of the River Redevelopment Project. Doolittle said once they get a bid for this project they estimate it'll take about six months to finish.

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