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Recanvass reflects Quarles GOP nomination win

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The Kentucky Secretary of State's Office announced Thursday that a statewide recanvass confirmed Ryan Quarles received more votes than Richard Heath in the GOP primary for agriculture commissioner. 

Each of Kentucky's 120 county boards of elections convened at 9 a.m. that day to recheck and recanvass each voting machine, and the results were certified to the Secretary of State's Office.

The review confirmed that Quarles led Heath by more than 1,400 votes. A review of the GOP gubernatorial primary showed Matt Bevin surpassed James Comer by 83 votes. To view the county-by-county results of the recanvasses, click here

The Secretary of State's Office noted that Daviess, Fayette, Henderson, Jefferson, Kenton, Nelson and Rowan counties received an extension until June 1 to certify vote totals. The results of the recanvass will become the official returns of the rest of the counties. 

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