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Graves County recanvass reveals same results, local GOP leaders hope for unity

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GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - Just like Kentucky's other 119 counties, Graves County conducted its recanvass at 9 a.m. Thursday. Clerk Barry Kennemore was expecting it when the primary results came back close. 

"Mr. Comer I think would be crazy if he didn't do at least the recanvass, with just 83 votes and as many votes as we had across the state," Kennemore said. 

Richard Heath also called for a recanvass of the commissioner of agriculture votes. He said he didn't expect it to change things, but thought he owned it to the voters. 

"To me it's just bringing closure," Heath said. "We've done everything we can do. We can close the books and move on."

Kennemore called out results from each precinct, and they were checked on the spreadsheet from election night. They all matched. 

"We all use the same machines, and they're all done the same way, so we're pretty confident in the machines and the system we have," Kennemore said. 

David Jones, vice chairman of the Graves County Republican Party, told Local 6 the recanvass will hopefully do two things. The first is help the party unite. 

"It is a division, especially after you have contention after the primary," Jones said. "There's not a clear winner. It seems the candidates may be fighting among themselves. The best thing after the primary (is) that the rest of the candidates support the winner."

He said his hope is that it will also serve as a lesson to the candidates about how important it is to make sure their voters get to the polls.

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