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Local soldier surprises daughters on last day of school

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MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - The last day of school is always special, but for two girls in McCracken County, it was way better than they could have ever planned. 

Anna DeVaney graduated from Heath Middle School this morning. But, after she got her diploma, she got something that made her forget all about the piece of paper. Her step-dad Tech Sgt. Kurtis Qualls was at the end of the stage ready for a hug.  He's been stationed in South Korea since August and missed her eighth grade year.

There was time for tears and hugs, but then it was time to go. The family headed across the street to Heath Elementary where Bella Qualls was playing a special game in her class. They were blindfolded one at a time, and were guessing which classmate was standing in font of them. When Bella was blindfolded, her dad slipped in.

Qualls said his wife, Marelis, was the mastermind behind the homecomings. He arrived home Thursday and surprised his three year old, Lyla, at the airport. To view that video, click here. He said the wait until Friday to see the other two was really hard, but it was worth it. 

Now he said they can focus on their time together. "Being so far away, a lot of people feel it's the military person who sacrifices, and it's really not," he said. "It's the family who does all the sacrificing." 
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